Workshop on the qualitative assessment of social impact

How can we prove the social impact of our projects? As part of the seminars offered at Social Dynamo of Bodosaki Foundation, Heterotopia presents a workshop about the qualitative assessment. The qualitative approach to the impact assessment of social projects focuses on the investigation of the participants’ and/or beneficiaries’ experience. … Continue reading

Publication: Interpreting social issues: Museum theatre’s potential for critical engagement

This article presents the results from the University of Thessaly research programme titled “Museums and Education: methods of approach and interpretation of museum artifacts. The objective of this programme was the evaluation of educational processes that refer to the interpretation of museum artifacts and monuments for various audiences. The scientific … Continue reading

Museum theater

The actors bring to life a period by embodying real or fictional characters who talk about their time, from their own standpoint. This way, the audience can converse with them as if they were in a time-travel. As a tool of museum interpretation, it broadens the narrative capabilities of the … Continue reading

Role play

We distribute roles to the participants, like servants, lawmakers, members of a diplomatic mission, artists. Afterwards, discussions and activities under the guidance of actors lead the participants to an understanding of the historic reality that is experiential and stems from the scope of social history. Continue reading