Heterotopia is an Athens-based creative research studio. We are working to raise the profile of theatre, performance and hybrid creative arts practice across the Greek heritage sector by promoting their value as research, interpretation, and engagement tools for museums, archives, historic environments, and sites of memory.

We undertake collaborative, practice-based research that draws on performance theory and practice to broaden common dialogue about the past: revealing hidden aspects of history, making connections with the present.

Heterotopia supports knowledge sharing and networking across what is now a growing community of practice in Greece. We are helping to connect people, organisations and initiatives that are involved in heritage research, live interpretation, and audience engagement; as well as museum theatre, performance, role-play and re-enactment.

Each of our projects brings together a unique creative team, from different sectors and disciplines, but Heterotopia’s day-to-day administration and project cycle management is overseen by the company’s founders: Dr Foteini Venieri and Rebecca Shelley.

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