Museum theater

The actors bring to life a period by embodying real or fictional characters who talk about their time, from their own standpoint. This way, the audience can converse with them as if they were in a time-travel. As a tool of museum interpretation, it broadens the narrative capabilities of the … Continue reading

Living history

We represent the activities that were taking place in a historic site. As the visitor walks around, characters from the past perform their daily tasks and discuss among themselves or with the guests, as if the latter were not visitors from the “future”.

Role play

We distribute roles to the participants, like servants, lawmakers, members of a diplomatic mission, artists. Afterwards, discussions and activities under the guidance of actors lead the participants to an understanding of the historic reality that is experiential and stems from the scope of social history.

Communication design for educational and cultural institutions and agencies of cultural heritage

We curate and redesign the image of the institution or space, so that it lives up to the expectations of the target audience. As we insist on having a collaborative relationship, we determine the guidelines for a modern design together with the institution. In this, we take into account the … Continue reading

Audio drama

Like theater in a headset, the voice of a character from the past presents the museum exhibit. We create the world where the exhibits led their social lives. Instead of a conventional explanation, this kind of audio guide accompanies the visitor’s experience with the immediacy of a first-person narrative. Interactivity … Continue reading

Video drama

Όπως και το audio drama, το video drama προσθέτει στην εμπειρία του επισκέπτη χαρακτήρες από την εποχή της έκθεσης. Με αυθεντική ενδυμασία και τρόπους έκφρασης, τα βίντεο αυτών των χαρακτήρων εμπλουτίζουν την επίσκεψη με έναν εύκολα εφαρμόσιμο τρόπο. Κατά περίπτωση, ο επισκέπτης μπορεί επίσης να διαλέγει από προτεινόμενες ερωτήσεις, για … Continue reading

Documentary drama

According to the international standards of a modern production, documentary drama goes beyond the voice of the narrator and the interviews with experts. Hence we present history via characters that “experienced” it and turn the historical space into a scenery of real action.

Thematic shows

We collect and filter the historical documentation that constitutes a thematic show (or series). We take care that the way historical knowledge is delivered be in tune to the current academic progress, as well as to the show’s popularity for a wider audience.