Workshop on the qualitative assessment of social impact

How can we prove the social impact of our projects?
As part of the seminars offered at Social Dynamo of Bodosaki Foundation, Heterotopia presents a workshop about the qualitative assessment.

The qualitative approach to the impact assessment of social projects focuses on the investigation of the participants’ and/or beneficiaries’ experience. It offers evaluation tools that allow us to observe the way that the social world “is interpreted, comprehended, experienced and produced” (Kyriazi 2011:18). It thus allows the approach of many and different aspects of reality as perceived in specific contexts, by specific subjects, bearing in mind the particularities of the daily life, the opinions and experiences of the observed, the way in which the social procedures operate, as well the significance of the produced messages.

In this workshop:

  • we approach the qualitative research methodology, practically and theoretically
  • we learn how to utilise the tools to measure the impact of social projects

The workshop takes place at the collective space of Social Dynamo, at the Serafeio building of the Athens Municipality (Peiraios and Petrou Ralli, 2nd floor, Kerameikos metro station), on Thursday, 26th of April, at 17.00-19.00.
Participation is free.

To learn more, click here.

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