2019-2020: Meet Ktisivios

Technology and everyday life in ancient Greece.

With this project, Heterotopia and the Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Greek Technology set out to explore aspects of social history and the everyday uses of technology in 3rd century BCE Alexandria. The research (which focused on connecting existing aspects of the museum’s permanent display via a story of human experience) resulted in a piece of 1st person, costumed, historical interpretation, which was presented within the context of museum’s public engagement programme during the winter season.

In choosing to foreground the senses – touch, taste, sight and sound – the project was also an experiment in the integration of working replica display models into a gallery-based promenade performance.

Funders / Partners: The Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Greek Technology. With Evgenia Pantazoglou, Agapi Papoutsaki, Nikoletta Dimopoulou, Lefteris Katahanas, Dimitris Nikas and Tasos Tsoukalis-Dimitriadis.

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