2021: Internal Mail

Physically distanced art gallery engagement.

Commissioned just before the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic and adapted along the way, this project uses the process of research and its subsequent transformation into interpretive findings and content (a journalist prepares to write about artist Giannis Kounellis’ work: “Untitled, 2004”) as the central motif of a durational performance that takes place via a combination of electronic messages, phone calls, emails, live-streamed content, etc.

An exploration of distance and perception, ‘Internal Mail’ asks to what extent our understanding of artifacts, spaces and stories are shaped by interpretive means and modality.

Funders / Partners: The National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens “EMST”. With Eugenia Tzirtzilaki, Maria Karathanou, Kalliopi Takaki, Dimitris Nikas, Marina Tsekou, and Periklis Venieris.

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