Stories of the castle at Kimolos island – 2nd year

For the second year, Heterotopia will present the “Castle’s stories” on the island of Kimolos!

In the 1930s, Marigo, a Kimolian woman who migrated in 1900 in the United States, returned back to Kimolos after 30 years to visit her relatives. Today there are rumours that her ghost wanders around the castle, looking for something… A tour of the castle’s history brings her back to life and she begins to unravel the thread of stories lost in the ruins…

In collaboration with Art Walk and the Municipality of Kimolos, the museum theater performance “Castle’s stories”, in the archaeological site of the medieval Castle, invites visitors to discover hidden stories of a past which may not be that far…

The project is implemented in collaboration with Art Walk and the Municipality of Kimolos. We’d like to thank the Afentakis Foundation for kindly providing us with “Kimoliaka”, the main source of the play.

Design-implementation: Panagiota Kotsira and Foteini Venieri

Woman from Kimolos: Panagiota Kotsira

Tour guide: Foteini Venieri

Dates and time of the performances: 6-9, 13-16 July at 20:00

Duration: 60 minutes

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