2018-2019: Interactive Documentary

Domestic and working life in 1960s Thrace.

This project sought to better understand how interactive digital platforms might draw on the methodology of museum theater to facilitate access to archival content in a way that foregrounds the human, intangible dimension of the material and its social relevance. This project centers on a music library collection, relating to working peoples’ lives and customs in 20th century Thrace.

Experience it here (with subtitles).

The research paper Interactive Museum Theater Documentary: An Innovative Digital Application for Cultural Heritage Research and Interpretation (in Greek) was presented at the 3rd Panhellenic Conference of the Digitalisation of Cultural Heritage (EUROMED 2019).

The project was presented at the Acropolis Museum during the ICOM Europe 2019 conference: Embracing the Virtual; and an in-person, live performance version was commissioned and presented at the 5th International ‘Herma’ Conference (Heritage Management Organisation) at Technopolis, Athens in 2018 (https://heritagemanagement.org/conference/archive/5th-conference/)

Funders / Partners: The Lilian Voudouri Music Library of Greece, Mobics A.E., Megaron Athens Concert Hall, Prosenghisi Film & Video Productions Ltd, and the Personal Cinema collective. With Katerina Holi, Ermioni Dova, Nikoletta Dimopoulou, Evgenia Pantazoglou, Ilias Marmaras and Yannis Skandamis.

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