2016-2017: 1884 Revolution Revisited

Τhe exhibition of the ‘Monuments of the Holy Struggle’.

In her PhD thesis, Heterotopia’s founder, Foteini Venieri, set out to examine the ways that museum theatre might affect visitors’ perceptions of the museum experience and promote critical engagement with museum narratives; in this case concerning the re-interpretation, over time, of the Greek revolution.

Her research is discussed in the paper Museum Theatre’s Potential for Critical Engagement – published in the 15.1 edition of Museum & Society Journal (2017, Interpreting Social Issues) – and also in the Éditions Deuxième Époque publication: Le Musée par la Scène (2018). The Museum Theatre Performance was also presented within the context of the 2017 Hellenic Open University conference: Theorizing Historical Culture.

Funders / Partners: The Museum Education and Research Laboratory of the University of Thessaly, and the National Historical Museum of Athens.
With Panagiota Kotsira and Niki Nikonanou.

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